L-Shaped Grey Office Desk On Sale


Find the Grey Office Desk and Chairs in Kisumu and Kisii .The L-Shaped Office Desk in Nairobi is standard Office Desk with 1.2*1.2 meters long by 0.9m width. It is available in Cherry and oak Medium Density Fibre Boards with three lockable drawers and Desk grommets


80 / 100

The Grey Office Desk in Kisumu, Nairobi and Kisii, Kenya with desk drawers to declutter your office and keep it well organized. Made of cherry and oak hardwoods to give your workstation an elegant look. This desk has three lockable drawers to safeguard your documents and is approximately 1.2 meters long.

L-Shaped Grey Office Desk On Sale

  • High Density Board
  • Three lockable drawers
  • 1.2 by 1.4 meter long
  • Desk grommets
  • Color : Wallnut, Grey, Royal Tick and Cherry


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