TV Stand Deli

KSh18,500.00 KES

TV Stand Deli – MDP is an abbreviation for Medium Density Particleboard – Medium Density Particle – a type of wood panel most used in the manufacture of furniture, as they use layered wood.
MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard – is a medium density fiberboard, in which, due to a high temperature process and the use of pressure, wood fibers are bonded by synthetic resins. They are softer to the touch, but have equal strength.
They have great durability and do not suffer from temperature variation, being quite resistant to friction. It comes from 100% reforested wood, aiming to reduce the environmental impact.
Furniture produced with these materials involves the application of all types of coverings, from painting and printing to printed papers and wood veneers.


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TV Stand Deli



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